Monday, June 2, 2008

Vacation- Scenic Adventure

(New Mexico-Arizona Border)

I'd have to say my favorite part of our vacations to the west are the views. Having driven this route more than a dozen times, I know the best places to drive to see Heaven on Earth. My favorite spots are on the western edge of New Mexico and Route 89A through Flagstaff and Sedona. There is not a prettier place on Earth.

(New Mexico Sky Line)

The layered colors of the New Mexico plateaus are such delicious eye candy and the mountains in Flagstaff give hope to clean air. Trees line the mountains from top to bottom as each peak comes and goes. The narrow two lane US highway circles all the way up the mountains to an astonishing 6000 feet above see level. Fifteen miles an hour at best, you climb higher and higher and the smell of pine makes you stop and take in all the wonders of a place so beautiful, you never want to leave.

(Flagstaff, Arizona- Coconino National Forest)

(Flagstaff, Arizona Mountains)

Many are familiar with Sedona, but unless you've walked it's valleys and admired it's breathtaking red rocks, you haven't had the full pleasure of such an amazing place. You'll know when you've arrived in Sedona when you've crossed into a sliver of Coconino National Forest and everything is bright red and basking in the sun. (Of course you can go to Oklahoma to see red rocks and dirt too!) Even the shapes of the mountains and rocks in Sedona are different than the surrounding mountains in Coconino. They have an inspirational look about them; almost as if someone shaped them.

(Sedona, Arizona)

Greg and I have talked about moving out of Missouri off and on for years and I always shy away from the conversation most of the time. However, buy me a house and some land along this route and I'll go! I always feel good driving this route and it makes me all warm and fuzzy seeing such a spectacular view.

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