Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Toys Toys, More Toys and Fish

It seems that I find the need to spoil the girls. It never fails, when I go somewhere, I go straight for the toys or little girl clothing. I recently realized that the girls have more items than Daddy and I combined! We've been sorting toys and clothes and giving them away to other little kids...Only to go and buy more.

(So Happy To Be Outside)

A few weeks back I was able to find a Turtle Sandbox at a garage sale for five dollars. A deal I just couldn't pass up! Izzy loves to bury and dig up "treasure" so this was an item I knew was going to get used. Then I decided that we needed an outdoor playset for Izzy (and soon Emmy) to climb on. We have dozens of great parks, but home is where we are most weekdays. So I found one. We hurridly went and picked it up from the Craigslister last weekend and Izzy has a new found love for her "playground". We wanted one a little larger (I did anyways) but this one works out just great. We got the Little Tikes Climbing Cube with a slide. So, if you were to drive by our house, you'd think I run a daycare! We now have the climbing cube with a slide, another Little Tikes Slide, the Little Tikes Grand Cozy Coupe, the Little Tikes Push Car, the Turtle Sandbox, the Step 2 Dolphin Swing, the Fisher Price Swing, a Fisher Price 6 seater Picnic Table, a Swimming Pool, tricycle, and a new Princess Scooter. Geez-La-Weez!

(Queen Of The Castle)

All of those things cost us just under $43.00. So spoiled, Yes. Cutting into their savings, No. I even went through their room yesterday and found yet more things to donate. Their room has been staying organized better since we got them the Little Tikes Kitchen. It has to or I loose all hope! I do have to say that the girls, well Izabel at this point, plays with everything she owns. There are maybe one or two things that sit on the shelf longer in between play.

I am a Little Tikes fanatic if you haven't already noticed. The play equipment especially. It's very sturdy, easy to clean and so darn cool! So if there are any Little Tikes Reps out there in bloggyland, I am your gal and my kids would love to test more of your great products!

So is it only me or do you tend to lean towards new and exciting items for the kids, even if they really don't need it?

This post did actually get off track a little. The other news I wanted to share with everyone is that Izabel and Emily received a fish tank for their room from Gama and Papa. Last night I went and got some fish. A family of three Fancy Goldfish; Fred, Wilma and Pebbles. The names were my idea but only because when I asked Izabel what she would name her fish she said Fred. I took it from there. She was so excited when I walked in the door. We put them in her tank and watched them make themselves at home.

About an hour or so after dinner I am doing somethings and Daddy is reading and playing with Emmy. Izabel's playing in her room. All of a sudden she's talking to Daddy from her room.

"Daddy, Look, I feeding the fish."

(Yes, I was the one who talked to her about feeding and taking care of her fish and tank.) Hearing this I looked up at Daddy and bolted from the chair and into the girl's room...To find...

Fred, Wilma and Pebbles swimming in a cloudy tank full of Goldfish Flakes.

They are still alive as of this afternoon.


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