Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Priceless Photography

(Izabel Behind Bars-Taken By Alisha)

(Izabel, Alisha and Emily-Taken By Gregory)

Once in awhile, I cannot help but fall in love with the photos I take of the girls. Some take my breath away and I have to ask myself, "who took that picture?" It's amazing the amount of emotion, mostly happiness, I can capture with a camera. I know very little about photography, wish I knew more, but what I do know I try to take into account when photographing the girls. I am more aware of what's viewable in the picture frame, how the light hits their faces, and what angle best suits their beauty. I am very proud of this next set of photos. Not only because they are beautiful, but because Daddy took a lot of them. He's getting to be just as I am; pin pointing the best moment to snap the shot. I'll say it again, Photos are my way to keep in touch with the past and look forward to the future. I don't know what I would do without my camera!

(Izabel, Gregory and Emily- Taken By Alisha)

We took the girls to the park tonight at Tryst Falls. It was nearly 70 degrees today and a day at the park could not be avoided. We were the only ones on the grounds and it was nice and peaceful; serene. The wind was blowing at a gusty speed. It was the perfect day for perfect pictures. I uploaded over 40 of my FAVORITES out of some 160 photos tonight. Please take some time and visit FLICKR to see them all; you won't be disappointed!

(Izabel Amongst Moon and Trees- Taken By Gregory)

(Sun On It's Horizon Of Trees- Taken By Gregory)

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Sue Seibert said...

What adorable children/family you have! Photos are so precious and evoke such sweet memories. Love your blog.