Friday, April 4, 2008

PATS Evaluation and Friday Playgroup

Last night during our PATS meeting, they more officially did half of Izabel's evaluation. I don't remember all the details but we will have a full report next visit. She did great and even scored a perfect number in a couple of categories. We are so very proud of her and look forward to the new things that she will be learning. It was rather interesting to be asked questions about Izabel and having to think about the answer. When it's your own child, you tend to forget what is everyday habit. For example, one of the questions was something regarding Izabel using you, I, Me and Izabel. I had to sit and think about it before answering. She DOES use those as well as referring to herself. "Izzy loves Emmy", She says as well as, "I Love Emmy." Another one of the questions was if she could string a shoestring through a hole. Well, we had to abandon that question because we never have tried it. It's in the works though. One of the last things she was tested on was sizes. Regrettably I hadn't thought to incorporate that type of lesson into everyday stuff, but Izabel knew right off the bat. She was able to distinguish Big from Small and so on. It's amazing the types of lessons PATS does. It's common sense stuff but I myself am learning a few new things. So Kudos to Izzy for doing so good and good vibes that she will continue to learn something new each day.

This morning the girls and I attended our Friday Playgroup. There were lots of kids there today. Izabel played as usual, entertaining herself most of the time. She did interact a little bit with a couple of other little kids, but only for a short amount of time. We even had a few episodes of sharing and not sharing. There was a little boy there today who was quite rowdy and smacked Izabel upside the head with a play spatula, but nothing came of it and Izzy went on doing her thing. Next week is Kindermusic. That group should be a lot of fun, especially with Izzy's love for music.