Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy 26th Month Birthday Izabel Grace

Dearest Izzy-Bear, 26 Months has brought us a long way. You are doing fantastic and growing up to be quite the little girl. Words escape through your lips almost constantly. You are quite the chatterbox. Not to mention smart; nothing gets passed you.

You have a love for animals and books and all things crayola. Your drawing skills have become quite interesting and I love the imagination you put behind each picture. If you want something drawn for you, you go to Daddy with your MagnaDoodle and spend hours watching him draw and then trying to copy him. You like to draw smiley faces, which are quite recognizable but you also like to draw animals.

Your Parents As Teachers lessons are going well and opening up new avenues for you to learn and play. You are very interested in your teacher and sit down to play with her each visit. Daddy and I have incorporated some new material in everyday lessons and it's rewarding to see you tackle each challenge accordingly.

Now that Spring is here, you want to be outside all the time. You simply love the outdoors and everything about it; even the bugs. We often find you collecting snail shells, picking up worms, and finding as many ladybugs as you can. Ladybugs have become your passion lately and everything Ladybug draws your immediate attention. Spiders are not on your list of likes. You have become very good at finding them in the house and running to tell me about it. This is a good thing because the Wolf Spiders in our house are quite large! Yesterday, during play time in your room, you came out yelling about a spider. I followed you in your room only to find the remains of a large Wolf that you stepped on, Bare Foot! I cleaned it up and you were still hesitant to cross the thresh-hold. We had a nice little discussion about letting Mommy or Daddy squash the spiders instead of you.

Your eating habits are still quite unremarkable. Eating is just not your forte. I used to think you were a picky eater, now I just think you are too busy doing other things to want to eat. Even during Play Groups on Friday, you never eat the goodies they offer. You sit down with everyone, but 10 minutes later, without taking a bite, you say you are all done and get up.

Potty training is going well, I think. You were off track for a week or so, but things are better now. You still potty in the morning and after nap. Last night, at about 12:30, you woke me up and said you had to go potty. I thought you were crazy, but I took you in and you did pee in your potty. I think it was a miracle and although I am proud of you, I will not expect that to happen again very soon. One day at a time. You will get there.

I am proud of who you are and who you are becoming. Even if you can throw a good tantrum, you are the most sincere, care-free, loving little girl I know. Kisses, Hugs and Love to my little Princess.


A. Nonny Mouse said...

Those are gorgeous pictures! They get big so darn fast.

evel dread said...

thats too adorable :)