Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly-What More Could Go Wrong-Long Week, Will It Ever End-If It's Not One Thing, It's Another

This week is just not our week. One thing after another is stacking itself into the most unmanageable 'laundry pile'.

Izabel's leg continues to cause her pain even with the pain medications she was prescribed. We are going to the Orthopedic Surgeon today to have a plaster cast put on her leg instead of the fiberglass one she has now. The doctor called on Monday to tell us this. Because Izabel is just a toddler and still pretty active, they need to stabilize the fracture as best as possible. We were hoping that it wouldn't come to this but whatever's best is best. Izabel's baths are limited to Sponge only and let me tell you, It doesn't do a darn thing! This girl needs to be submerged in a tub full of warm water to clean the dirt from her, especially her knees. Not to mention her hair also needs to be washed. I may try laying her on the counter today and washing her hair in the sink. This 29 Pound, 9 Ounce Chicky does not fit into the kitchen sink anymore, but maybe we can figure something out. With the plaster cast coming on today, she will still be denied a traditional bath until the cast is cut off. How long you ask, well as far as I can tell, it could be 4 weeks of this cast. I'll know more today after we see the doctor.

Continue to keep Izabel in your thoughts as prayers as we enter another step in this journey of a fracture.

So aside from Izabel, yesterday our car, the one we just spent a lot of money on to rebuild, wouldn't start. After assessing the problem all day, I have come to the conclusion (Yes, Me!) that the fuel pump went out. Arrgg! Daddy came home and we worked on it all evening. I think it's pretty straight forward, not easy, but doable. The only issue we have right now is siphoning 3/4 a tank of gas out of the tank before we drop the tank! My brain hurts and this car issue leaves us with no transportation. If mechanics weren't $100 per hour labor, I'd have already taken it in!!!

There's numerous other little things bothering us and interfering with happy days, but even with all of this nonsense occurring, Our Dearest Emily continues to shine. Last Saturday (4 Months and 2 Weeks), Emily began rolling back to tummy like a pro. She's now reached the rolly polly stage of life and it's fantastic! She's much more content playing on the floor and scooting herself along her tummy to toys she cannot reach. As soon as you lay her down, she's off and rolling. Although this is great, it's not so great when she's needing a loaded diaper changed! *hahaha* She's been playing with all sorts of toys and grabbing and holding them in her mouth. Yesterday she bit down pretty good on my finger and her gums were hard as rocks! There's bound to be teeth popping up soon.

I'll update after the doctor's appointment and I also have video of Emily rolling over. Thanks to all of my faithful readers who have been emailing to check on Izabel. I know many of you are still having troubles commenting and clicking links, but I am out of ideas as to how to fix it. Again, If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears.

You may reach us at if you are unable to comment and/or link.

One final note. I have met a very wonderful lady from Maine recently. She has her own blog and has some of the greatest stories and funny photos. She's been working on a quilted wall hanging for the girls's room and I just received word it was done. It's so pretty and a lot of hard work went into this piece. I can't wait to receive it and hang it in Izabel and Emily's room. If you have a second, visit her over at Home On The Range. Or Copy and Paste This Link:


hollibobolli said...

Don't ask what more could go wrong - I learned that lesson long ago. I hate that her little leg is in so much pain - and the bathing is horrid.. I know - I broke more limbs as a child!! Is there anything you can get to use in the tub? One of those hammock things? Emily is a butterball babydoll. You are all in my prayers.

Now let's see if this will go through.

Chasity said...

I've definitely been thinking about Izabel!! I hope everything went well today!! congrats to Emily on her rolling!! Yay!! I will add you to our blog readers as well!! :o) I'm sure things will look up soon!!