Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Casting Call

Here are some shots from Izzy's latest doctor appointment...poor kid.  Now, you have to understand that I personally promised her she could have a purple cast (or 'bionic leg,' as Izzy and I call it), so I was relieved to find out that we could in fact get a purple one, and that I'd be 1-0 in the 'promises kept' dept.  They actually had a color swatch booklet made up of all the colors that they offer.  It was great, just like picking out paint!  It was a relatively quick and painless event, after the prerequisite 1-hour visit to the waiting room.  The male nurse pictured was nice to Izabel and even sang to her a few times to help ease the tension she obviously felt.  He agreed to be in a few pictures, as long as I promised him they wouldn't end up on someone's Myspace page!  We still feel bad for Miss Izzy and hope she recovers nicely and promptly.  3 weeks and the cast will come off, assuming her 'spiral fracture' heals up as it should.  enjoy the pics and may The Force be with you...


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Scorpio Moon said...

Love the cast Izabel! I am so sorry you hurt your leg, I wish you a fast recovery. We are all thinking about you Pretty Girl!


Joey, Taylor and Jimmy