Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy 4 Month Birthday Emily Rose

Happy 4 Month Birthday My Dearest Emily Rose! You are as beautiful as ever with a smile to match! Your smiles are so frequent and you love it when Daddy makes you laugh out loud. Still finding your voice, You sometimes make yourself laugh harder after you start laughing. You have quite the calm disposition these days. There are not many times you fuss or cry anymore. This is good news all around and we are glad the the milk and soy allergy has subsided with the Nutramigen.

Speaking of food, the countdown has begun; 2 more months and you should be able to tolerate some cereal. Per the PEDS recommendation, we have kept all solids out of the picture until your sixth month birthday. You don't seem to mind. You appeared to eye my food the other day, but made no gesture as to wanting it like your sister did at this age. You have a hard enough time finishing 4 ounces of formula, so solids can wait.

Emily, you rolled from your tummy to your back on March 26th, 2008, and have continued to do so. Today you did so with very little effort and almost wanted to keep going. I can't wait for the rolly-polly days. You like to lay on the floor a lot these days and grab for as many toys as you can. The Octopus and Skwish seem to be your favorite. Everything goes in your mouth! You have even started pulling up your dresses and shoving fabric in your mouth. It's so adorable to see you do this.

We are so glad to see you progressing as you should and becoming such a happy little Princess. Daddy and I love you very much! Izabel loves to be with you as well. I know you like her attention and throw smiles and giggles to her from across the room. Soon you will be chasing at her heels and watching her every move from a close corner.

Watch Emily Spit Bubbles

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