Saturday, March 15, 2008

Colds, Diapers and Eggs

It seems as though the last few days have been so busy. I am finally sick and I just had to stop doing anything today. I have found a moment to myself so I thought a recap was in order.

I am sick with some sort of cold, finally, after everyone has had it in the house. Daddy is feeling better and Izabel is almost better, just a cough and a sneeze or two. Emily is worse than she was a week ago concerning her URI. She's been battling a forever tricky-to-cure diaper rash and with no results from the last treatment, I took her to CMH on Thursday night. They are sure it's a yeasty rash but I asked them to swab and culture just in case. Because the rash did not respond to the usual treatment, her bottom is now trying something new. Still no real progress today, but I still have hope. In addition to changing meds, we changed diapers too. I didn't go for the cloth but instead a organic natural made by Seventh Generations. I like these diapers and I think Emily does too. Friday morning she woke up in a panic with difficulty breathing. She is really congested, running nose, red throat, coughing and sneezing. Again with the under two rule, she cannot have any meds without being in the hospital. We have been using some nose drops, Tylenol and a cool mist humidifier. She's been sleeping a lot today, but her breathing is still not very good. Hopefully she will recover soon. She is just miserable. It's so hard to see the younger ones sick.

Friday night, Daddy and I and Gama took the girls to their first public Easter Egg Hunt. It was fairly warm, I think in the 50's. There were over 800 children participating in the Flashlight Egg Hunt. Izabel was slightly overwhelmed. She got her face painted, a butterfly of course and played a basketball game where she scored three baskets in a row. She won a prize for her baskets. She met with an Easter cow and saw the Easter bunny. She liked the cow more so than the bunny. Emily was delighted to be outside even though she wasn't feeling well. She was all bundled in her carseat/stroller. Even though she couldn't see much, I think she enjoyed hearing all of the other children in the distance.

Once it got dark, Izabel stood in anticipation of the countdown to go. I had the camera, Gama had Emily and Daddy held the flashlight with Izabel in pursuit of eggs! Thousands of them lined the field and Izabel was quick to figure out what she had to do. Daddy had to spot them with the flashlight, but as soon as she saw one, Izabel was on the go. It was very hard to get any pictures as she was so excited and didn't care to look at her Mommy. It was a lot of fun and I am glad we went. Izabel has been playing with the plastic eggs all day; hiding them by herself in her room and then "finding" them.

Today was the annual Snake Saturday Parade, our most favorite tradition. However, we had rain and snow this morning and it was very cold. I was in no condition to venture out especially with two baby girls. We were very disappointed that we couldn't go but we will sport our Green on Monday for a family photo.

Many, Many Photos have been posted to FLICKR! Check them out and Enjoy!

I have also loaded a couple of new videos of Emily in our Home Movie Collection.

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