Monday, February 25, 2008

Laughter, Singing,and Bad Words- All In One Weekend

We really had quite the uneventful weekend. Daddy and I continued our adventure in heavy duty early spring cleaning. We cleaned so much stuff out. Some went to Goodwill, others were sold and some were just given away to the first person to arrive on our doorstep. It's a great feeling to see what kind of space we cleared out. There is still more baby clothes to go through and a never ending stack of papers, but all in all we did great. We rented several movies too. We have really taken advantage of the REDBOX here in town. With all the promo codes I had, we haven't had to pay for a movie yet! I won't mention them all, but NO RESERVATIONS was my favorite. The movie was really good and had a little sadness mixed in. Great chick flick!

Onto the girls, who also had a really good weekend. They lounged around and Izabel played super well with some toys we brought up from the basement. All kinds of kitchen utensils and food, pots and pans and her very own little toy coffee pot. If her dolls weren't weird enough, they are now hyped up on coffee. As the title states, there was laughter, and singing and both were caught on film. Emily laughed out loud for the first time this weekend and I caught the second act in a movie. I have to say I traded up for some really great pics, but the movies do not look as good. The next video is of Izabel learning to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. She's been working on it, but uses her own words and phrases. Check both videos out down below.

As for the bad words, well obviously it came from Izabel. It's not a super bad word, but we don't even let her say 'butt"! So let me set this up for you. Oh and by the way, we really do not know where she learned it from.

Alright, so it's Sunday morning and the girls are waking up. I am still lounging in bed, Emily joins me and then in comes Izabel and Daddy. They had been watching cartoons. Daddy sits on the bed with Emily and I and Izabel wants up too. I smell something in her climb up. I asked her if she pooped her pants. She just smiles!

Daddy of course has to make light of things and says, "Izabel, did you take a dump?"

Izzy's Reply, "I take a dump and craps!"

I quick turn over and cover my face as I am laughing hysterically. Izabel continues over and over, "Dada, I craps!" So much for my sweet little girl! After we calmed down we told her she couldn't say that word, that it wasn't nice. She did say the phrase a few more times but the moment seemed to pass and the day went on as usual. That is, until she popped again. I always ask her the same thing, "Izzy, did you poop your pants?" Low and behold, "I craps," she says.

Emily Laughs Out-Loud!

Izabel Sings, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

One final note. I am an official FLICKR PRO! now. More and more of our photos will be going straight to FLICKR! rather than taking space up here on the page. Be sure to check our FLICKR! page out to see the girls!

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