Monday, February 25, 2008

Baked With Love and Little Fingers

I assisted Izabel today with making her first loaf of bread and 20 rolls. It was quite the event! She really wanted to do everything on her own, even when the stirring got a little difficult.

So first she started with the yeast, sugar, and water. She mixed it nice and slow. I told her there were bugs in the water and we couldn't hurt them. She laughed and thought that was funny!

Then we added the milk, eggs, maple syrup, brown sugar, oil and salt. Izabel could mix a little faster, but insisted on slow circles around the bowl. Even with the sweet stuff added, this bread tastes just like regular bread, not a sweet bread at all.

We began adding flour. I added the first few cups, but then Izabel wanted to do the "more" by herself. She did really good at stirring and only flipped a few spoons of flour out of the bowl.

Finally came the kneading. Izabel was so ready to get her hands dirty and play in the food. She had a lot of fun with this part.

The rolls and the loaf turned out great and Izabel was so proud. She was really warn out though and took her nap with no problems!

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