Sunday, February 10, 2008

Izabel's 2nd Birthday Party

*EDIT*You Tube is not correctly loading my movie. Be sure to continue the movie when it stops by moving the slider over. There are a few more pictures of Izabel and Tucker towards the end. Thanks!

Izabel's second birthday party was today. Thank you to those of you that could make it, Izabel was glad you could come. She had a lot of fun playing with Jackson, Tucker and Hunter. Izabel loved opening up her many gifts this year and ripped through one after another. She enlisted Jackson's help in locating the best place to start tearing open the gift and then she was off to finish the job. Izabel received so many wonderful things for her birthday; we thank you very much for your kindness. She got a Princess Barbie, Lot's of Princess Play Wear, a Dora Memory Game, Tons of beautiful clothes, a pink Doctor's Kit, a new pink potty with a soft place to sit, V.Smile Baby games, Leap Pad Games, play food and bottles for her baby dolls, a Tweety Bird purse, a Princess purse, socks, a travel Magna Doodle, a Bounce and Spin Zebra and a few more things I cannot recall at the moment. Again, great gifts, thank you very much!

Izabel's cake turned out really good this year too. It was a Princess cake featuring Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel. She couldn't wait to dig into it and even snatched a forkful before the festivities.

I took almost 200 pictures during the event and actually got some really good photos of the birthday girl. Watch the video below to get a glimpse. (The song itself is worth hearing for this video!)

If you'd like a closer look at some of the birthday pictures , check out our page FLICKR page HERE. Enjoy!

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NannyJ said...

Beautiful - I wish we could have been there. xoxo