Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Izabel's 2 Year Well Check Up and MORE

WARNING: Contains "Mommy Bragging Moments"

This morning Izabel had her 2 year Well Check Up with her pediatrician.(Auntie Jen, Izabel wore the new velvet outfit you sent her; it looked amazing on her!) The exam went well and so did the one and only shot (Hep A) that she had to receive today. The doctor is always pleased to see Izabel and was very impressed with Izabel's developmental stage. She was thrilled to see Izabel counting to 12, saying her ABC's, asking questions, talking in full sentences, drawing shapes, identifying colors, animals and sounds and potty training. The list goes on and on, but I was so proud of how Izabel showed off for the doctor. It's hard to get Izabel to "perform" some days for even a family member, so to see her spout off and work wonders for the doctor was fantastic! The doctor said some of that stuff isn't expected until around age 3 and Izabel is well above the curve she should be at. So, Kudos to Izabel for being so darn smart!

On to the physical aspect of the exam. All looks great for Izabel.
She's growing very nicely.
Weight is 28 Pounds, 10 Ounces (75th Percentile)
Height is 34.5 Inches (50th-75th Percentile)
Head Circumference is 19 Inches (50th-75th Percentile)

They checked all the usual places and inspected the 2 molars on the brink of surfacing. Izabel has 16 teeth so far, with her 2 year molars making their way in. The remaining 2 molars usually surface close to 3 years of age. We are to see a dentist as soon as we can get in instead of waiting until Izabel's remaining molars come through. There's nothing to worry about, but the doctor says the earlier the better.

In addition to the normal hub bub of the visit, Izabel's eating habits were discussed. Of course I think in order to have an eating habit, you have to eat; Izabel rarely does. She is very picky and some days goes with almost nothing at all. The doctor ran down a list of things to watch for as a concern, but otherwise said to leave her be. If she's not going to eat, don't make her. If she does eat, don't praise her. Izabel's eating habits are not a medical issue however they do want her to begin taking vitamins once a day.

So, from head to toe, Izabel is a perfect little 2 year old. Or at least what a 2 year old should be! The doctor never asks how loud she can scream, how fast she throws herself into tantrum mode, or how far she can throw an unwanted object. Maybe those talents make her an EXTRA special 2 year old!! *haha*

(Izabel playing doctor with her sister Emily)

Okay, on to the funny stuff. Izabel is just now getting to a stage where the things she says are funny. Now if you have been keeping up with her cousin Linda, you'll have read that Linda is quite amusing and says the darnedest things! Well, I am happy to report that Izabel has said two really funny things to me today and I'd like to share them with you.

(#1)First thing this morning after waking up, while sitting on the potty.

Izzy: Mama, Where'd Daddy go? (She asks this ten times a day)
Mommy: He's at work.
Izzy: Why? (First time she's ever used WHY)
Mommy: Making money.
Izzy: More money?
Mommy: Yes.
Izzy: Okay.

(#2)After dressing the girls and getting ready to go to the car I told Izabel
we had to go to see her doctor.

Izzy's Reply: Oh God! (Throwing her head back and rolling her eyes)

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