Monday, February 4, 2008

Emily's 2 Month Well Baby Check

*EDIT* I finally fixed my scanner so I was able to scan in Emily's Well Baby Growth Charts. These are great. I still have all of Izabel's as well. Click on the graph to enlarge.

Emily had her first well baby check up today. It was good to see the doctor on a regular schedule rather than a last minute appointment with issues. Emily is doing great and doing what she should be. She has very good head/neck control and does pretty good on her tummy.

She received four shots today; DTaP (Diptheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis), Hib (Haemophilus), IPV (Polio), Pneumococcal Conjugate, and then a Rotavirus vaccine orally. Emily screamed and cried so hard, producing a heavy stream of tears. She wasn't the least bit happy to have the shots. Even the nurse was upset because Emily was so upset. She's doing better at the moment and is resting nicely.

Weight: 12 Pounds, 8 Ounces (85th Percentile)

Length: 21 3/4 Inches (25th Percentile)

Head Circumference: 15 1/2 Inches (50th Percentile)

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