Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy 2 Month Birthday Emily Rose

My Dearest Emily, You are just as sweet as the day you were born. Your eyes are turning a crystal blue and your skin is so very soft. The past few weeks you have opened up so much more to us. You smile and laugh and make cute little cooing sounds with a screech on the side. You love to watch your sister Izabel while she plays and you really like it when she dangles and shakes a rattle for you.

You seem to be growing really well. Last week you weighed in at 11 pounds and 9 ounces. We haven't had your length measured since you were born, but I am sure you have added a little. You have finally been switched to Nutramigen and seem to be progressing out of the intestinal distress period. You still fuss when your tummy hurts, but those times seem to be shorter and shorter. We are glad that the new formula is working and hope that it continues to make you a happier little kiddo. We haven't started cereal yet, but I expect in the coming month we will try a dab here and there. Your eating habits seem varied and it's not unusual for you to go 6-7 hours without eating. 2-3 ounces is all you will consume in one eating period.

You really love your swing but not the bouncer so much. The swing soothes you in just the right places. The mobile on the swing has started to grab your attention and I often find you gazing up at it and into the mirror, sparking a smile ever now and then. Just as your sister did, you find the ceiling light in the living room very intriguing. I suspect because it is a dark circular shape on a white ceiling. Whatever the case may be, you love to lay and look up at it and your face lights up with smile after smile.

Emily, you are finally big enough to fit into 0-3 month clothing, although most are still a little big. There are so many lovely things you have yet to wear and I just hope that I can get you in them all. You don't spit up as often as sissy did and that gives me one less reason to change your clothes.

Finally, Miss Emily, you are a fantastic sleeper. I bragged from day one and I'll continue to this post. You go to bed when I lay you in your bassinet. You have no objections when the lights go out and then you sleep 7.5 hours before waking to eat. After that feeding you sleep another 5 or so as well. I am glad that you sleep so well as I see the benefits in your personality.

Another month has already started and I cannot wait to see what it will hold.

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