Sunday, January 6, 2008

Emily's Doctor's Appointment

All is nice and quiet this very late night as all of my sweeties are sleeping, including Daddy. It was a rather busy day as I finally took Emily to the doctor and then began to get things going for Izabel's 2nd birthday.

So, I took Emily to the doctor today after 4 weeks of no progress in the gas and fussiness area. She's not been awful, but some days she wasn't doing so well. The doctor got us in at the very last moment. Thank goodness the girl's pediatrician makes Saturday appointments! So we get in the office, check her weight and her temp. Weight came in at 9 pounds and 15 ounces and her temp was running a little high at 99.1. Doc comes in and checks things over and does confirm there is nothing structurally wrong with her stomach and intestines. Although Emily has some similarities with Izabel at this age, her symptoms were different enough that I knew what kind of direction we would be going. Doc believes Emily is having intestinal spasms and some type of intolerance to her current formula. We can't say for sure that Emily is as intolerant to the milk protein as Izabel was, but it would seem likely that both girls have inherited their father's genes.

There is a whole list of options to choose from, but we chose the most direct path; change formulas, add juice to her fluid intake and administer an herbal pill. The formula they put Emily on is called ALIMENTUM. It is a completely broken down formula that eliminates the sensitivity to cow and soy proteins. Good and bad results can be seen in as little as 24 hours. It's only been a few hours, but Emily finally pooped and has been sleeping soundly on her tummy for several hours now. We have added a very small amount of juice to her diet along with an herbal pill that should help relieve tension and fussiness as well. Sounds complicated I know, but having gone through so many trials with Miss Izabel, this round was so much easier.

Emily's stomach is what seems to bother her most so the doctor also recommended a velcro colic band to go around her tummy. It applies pressure to the stomach to help alleviate the intestinal spasms. I am still in search for one of these, but sleeping on her tummy also does the trick. So, that is the skinny on Emily. She's doing fantastic otherwise and when not having a spell of spasms is quite bright eyed and playful. She's cooing a lot more in the last few days and she's also started responding to my laughter with smiles.

After the doctor's appointment, the girl's spent the remainder of the afternoon with Grandma and Papa while Daddy and I shopped for Izabel's 2nd birthday party. It was rather nice to be out and about, especially since today was almost spring like. I cannot believe Izabel is turning two!! It seems no where near that time! The date has been set and a location reserved, it's all about the gifts and decorations now.

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