Monday, December 17, 2007

The World Still Turns

It's been a few days since my last post, but trust me, life has been going on as usual.
The girls are doing great and continue to learn about one another. We had another big snow move through and that gave Izabel and Daddy another chance to go out and play. Izabel liked it much better this time as the snow was still falling pretty heavily and Tron came out to play as well. Tron loves the snow and he and Izabel romped around until they were cold enough to go inside. Once inside, Izabel played the drums for awhile and slid on her slide a few times. Even when I had to carry her inside, she was mad because I wouldn't let her stay out any longer.

Emily is doing great as well. She seems to be growing a little as I see some chub in the arms. Tonight we have a doctor's appointment to check her weekly weight gain. Her Thrush is almost gone after 2 treatments of the purple stuff, but it appears that we may try one more treatment of Nystatin. Doc will verify that tonight as well. It's not as bad as it was, but it's still there. She's still sleeping well and when she is awake she's very good. Emily is have a little difficulty pooping, but we have put her on pedialyte in hopes to remedy the problem before switching formulas. She's not spitting up or anything, just having tummy problems, but oh how we remember the trials with Izabel. I am ahead of he game this time and hope we won't jump through several hoops before finding the real issue.

So, that's a quick update on things around here. All is well and we are slowly but surely preparing for Christmas. Take a look at all the great pics I caught the last few days. The girls were made to have their picture taken!

As a side note: Papa Moss hasn't been feeling good and I actually called an ambulance for him last night while we were visiting. They took him to the hospital and tried to figure out what was wrong, but no such luck as this morning he's still not better. I won't go into details until we know what's going on, but it could be his heart again OR it could not. We are still waiting to hear. Please keep him in your thoughts and I will update as soon as I hear something. Izabel was in the room when they took Papa out on a stretcher. She was slightly freaked out and cried a little bit. All she kept saying was "papa". Such a sweet girl!

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Scorpio Moon said...

I hope everything turns out okay, I will keep him in my prayers.