Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Poop and Boogies and Christmas Cookies

My title couldn't be more appropriate for this day. For one, Izabel has a real thing for boogers lately. I taught her to pick her own nose because she really does get a lot of boogers and won't let anyone get them out, let alone use the little blue sucker. So now that she does pick her own nose, she thinks it's funny to come and give her freshly picked booger to Daddy or I. Sometimes, she doesn't even think it's funny, but insists that Daddy or I dispose of it for her. I couldn't resist taking a picture while she laid next to Emily.

As far as poop, well Emily continues to have trouble pooping and even passing gas these days. She's not cranky, but she does her fair share of grunting, pushing, holding her breath and turning red. The pedialyte doesn't seem to be as effective as it was with Izabel and those crazy Mylacon drops aren't worth a darn either. I'm not changing anything yet, but if things don't get better in the coming weeks, I might consider changing her formula; again.

For now I cannot say that the formula is the problem, I just think that like Izabel, Emily has a system that doesn't want to cooperate. So, I will keep an eye on things and take each day one at a time. Emily's thrush also continues to make it's presence known. We are currently undergoing a 3rd round of the gentian violet before giving her a prescription medication.

The doctor said she's doing great though. Her weight check last night registered at 8 Pounds and 5 Ounces. That's a pound and 4 ounce gain in 10 days. Not too shabby! I did some checking into Izabel's stats and at 5 weeks Izabel weighed only 10 pounds. I am curious to see how Emily's weight gain will compare to Izabel's.

Izabel and Daddy decorated some cookies tonight too. I baked them off in advance and then they took over. Daddy frosted the cookies for Izabel and then she covered them with sprinkles. I think she liked doing it. I think Uncle Doc wants to do cookie decorating this week as well, so Izabel will get another chance to show off her sprinkling abilities.

I am really working on getting some 22 month pictures taken and a write up complete, but I have to thrown in a bragging moment in this post. Izabel's is learning things so fast these days. In the last few days she has said more words and complete sentences than I ever thought she knew. IT'S AMAZING! She is such a smart girl and has really begun to show signs of growing up. Just giving her a bath this evening, I had to look twice to see how much she has grown and how her features are changing.

Finally, Papa Moss is doing slightly better today after being home and medicated for a few days. As far as the doctor's say, they believe all of his symptoms and pain are being caused by a virus. Not a flu virus, but something a bit more feisty. Thanks for all your thoughts and those calling to check on him.

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