Monday, December 31, 2007

Izabel At 22 Months

So I am really late getting to Izabel's 22 Month post. I was not able to get the usual set of pics either. So, instead of the usual, I have decided to cheat and bullet the things Izabel has been doing the last month. Here Goes In No Particular Order:

1-Izabel brushes her teeth on her own with toothpaste.
2-Izabel will pee in her potty each morning and after naps. She has only had two accidents during times she wears big girl panties.
3-Izabel's vocabulary is beyond my wildest dreams. She is speaking in sentences and can recognize more items, animals, emotions, and people than ever before.
4-Izabel knows and can recognize the following shapes: Circle, Square, Heart and Triangle. She can also draw a circle and sometimes a square.
5-Izabel can count to 5. She recognizes the numbers 1-6 when written on paper.
6-When asked how old she is, Izabel will say 2 and hold up her index finger and thumb.
7-Izabel can undress herself and put her shoes on and off.
8-She loves her toe nails painted.
9-Her favorite things to play with are her baby dolls and is obsessed with choo choo trains.
10-Loves Cartoons!! Spongebob, Wubbzy, and Pinky Dinky Do are among her favorites.
11-Izabel still refuses to eat most of the time. Raisins are a given and if all else fails, she'll eat Chex cereal.
12-Izabel is working on colors. She knows the names of quite a few, but still needs help when identifying them.
13-Izabel imitates and repeats everything.
14-Love, Loves to take pictures with her camera.
15-Izabel is learning to ride her tricycle.
16-Izabel is sleeping much better than ever before. Can't say she sleeps in her bed every night though. She'll start out in her bed, but then I find her curled up on the couch the next morning.
17-Izabel pretend plays a lot. She will make a laundry basket her choo choo, play "house" with her dolls, talk to herself and so forth.

So, there are a few things Izabel is doing these days. She's becoming such an amazing toddler. The stages of learning are so exciting for her Daddy and I. Each day brings new and wonderful adventures. Just the other day Greg and I were talking about how hard it was becoming to remember her as a baby. Oh how the time is flying!

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