Monday, December 10, 2007

Emily's Progress

Emily continues to be a great baby girl. Her thrush is almost gone and you can tell she is very thankful for that. She hasn't picked up her eating though so I am having to wake her every couple of hours to eat. I try to get her to take at least 2 ounces, but sometimes she just won't have it. At night I let her sleep the 6 or so hours she normally does.

Emily is also opening her eyes more and really tries to take off while on my shoulder. She's really got some great neck control. Daddy said she made a few little coo noises at him yesterday, but I missed it. I can't wait until she starts that.

She's doing great though. Izabel is proving to be a great big sister. Izabel is very helpful and tries to be a part of everything Emily. We are so pleased with the way things have turned out. So far, I have not been overwhelmed by the girls nor have I had any freak-out moments. The days run smooth and so do the nights. Daddy has been more than helpful by cooking and cleaning and finishing up laundry. He even got our Christmas tree up yesterday. Daddy's been great and the girls and I sure do appreciate him very much!

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