Saturday, December 8, 2007

Days Gone By...

Lots to discuss from the last few days. First off, Thursday we received our first big snow of the season! It was so beautiful and it came down fast. Izabel went out later in the day when it had stopped. She didn't go off the porch but thought it was pretty neat. I am sure she doesn't remember it from last year. She picked a few handfuls of snow up and then made a face as if it hurt her. "Cold" was all she could say.

On Friday, the girls had several appointments to make. We were up first thing in the morning and went to see Uncle Doc while he was in town. This was the first time he had seen Emily. He and Izabel played around for a little and he held Emily for awhile.
That was the only good part about our day as the girls and I had one bad thing happen after another. BUT, we won't discuss that. The first appointment was with a nutritionist. Emily is doing great and we have switched her to Enfamil Gentlease. It's broken down slightly more and will act as a precautionary measure to reduce the amount of gas build-up. Both girls did pretty well during that appointment, of course Grandma was there to entertain Izabel as well.
Emily also had her first pediatric appointment yesterday. She weighs 7 pounds, 1 ounce and is 19 inches long. She is doing really well. She has developed a case of thrush though. It's much worse than Izabel had it, but we are treating with the purple stuff for 3 days. She didn't really mind me paining her mouth purple but it sure does get everywhere. Tmrw is the last day of treatment and hopefully it will be much better. The doctor said she looked great and was even impressed/concerned that Emily is rolling to her side in her bassinet. She's done it twice now and once more in the swing. I am not sure how she manages it, but she has. Just as Izabel was, Emily is going to be moving and on her feet in no time. Emily will go back to the doctor next week for a weight check and to reassess her case of thrush. Her next appointment is in February where she will receive her first round of shots.

Because Miss Emily is such a good sleep, usually 6 hours or so, Izabel and I have more time in the evening to play. Last night all she wasnted to do was build things with her blocks on her mega-table. We must have been in there for hours because when we finally finished, it was late and time to go to bed. Izabel continues to be really helpful and understanding with Emily. She seems so grown up the last few days. More phrases are coming together and yesterday she finally mastered "thank you" and how to use it. She's been saying "please" forever but "thank you" took us a little longer. She was 22 months old on Thursday. My goodness how the time has gone by!! I intend to do pictures and a nice little write up soon.

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