Thursday, November 8, 2012

Stitches for Handsome | A First

Up and at 'em early, I was preparing dinner.  I was getting it all ready for the crock pot so that the evening would be less hectic for my starving Littles after school.  I finished and made a detour to the computer for something.

A few minutes later, Alexander comes walking in, calmly, to tell me his finger was stuck in a can.


I jump up and sure enough, he had taken a tin can from the counter, one that was ready for recycle and still had the lid attached, so I could drain it.

His finger was stuck between the lid and the inside of the can.

We sat down and ever so carefully tried to work his finger out of the can.

Until he yanked it up.  And sliced his finger.  Blood everywhere.  Tears flowing.

I ran for a towel, tried to stop the bleeding to get a good look, and ran some cold water on it gently.

No use, the bleeding was a lot and it wasn't stopping.

Less than 35 minutes after it happened, we sat in the ER, waiting to see what would happen.

"Stitches." Said the doctor.

I left the room with Emmy.  The doctors didn't want her to see the stitching take place.  It didn't matter, we heard Alexander loud and clear through the hospital.  It took 3 nurses, daddy and a doctor to hold him down for stitches.  It was awful, but necessary.

As soon as the doctor cut the last stitch, I went for the room and took him into my arms, where he sniffled and tried to catch his breath.  Poor thing.

10 days later, Alexander went to have the stitches taken out, which was a huge ordeal as well.  Seriously, it took 4 people to hold him this time to get the stitches out. ha!  It healed very well and there has been no further complications.  A tiny scar, maybe. :-)

Finger before stitches.
Before #stitches.

Finger after stitches.  FIVE stitches in that little finger. :-(
#stitches for my Handsome.

Snuggling with Daddy.

Handsome needs stitches. :-( 

Stiches out and popsicles!
Handsome got his stitches out AND a Popsicle.  :-) Nurses love him. Lol!

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Donna. W said...

Ouch! Poor little guy, that made me hurt just looking at it.