Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Playground Escape

Heat Advisory.  Ozone Alert.  Temps above the 100 degree mark.  Humidity at 79% and up.

It's HOT! 

And so is the playground equipment.

We ventured out to locate some hidden playgrounds last week.  It was an adventure I had been promising The Littles.  It was a hit as we did find a hidden treasure in a couple of towns over.

Yet, it was still 90 degrees at 9am and the playground equipment was unbearable.  When given more thought, I guess there really is no way to keep that from happening, but still, it's scary.  The slides are like molten plastic and it's tragic if you accidentally lean up against one of the metal poles used for assembly.

At any rate, we had fun and The Littles were happy to leave the confines of our home.  Stay cool!

Spin spin spin! #merrygoround

Izabel | 06/27/2012

Emily | 06/27/2012Emily | 06/27/2012

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Izabel | 06/27/2012


danette said...

Cute pictures, your kiddos are adorable and getting bigger! Love the header photo too :).

We're trying to stay cool too, it's been crazy hot :/.

Lindsay Y. said...

Oh man - it's been HOT here, too!! Soon, we'll be in your neck of the woods, too! ;-)