Monday, June 18, 2012

A Mini Review | Instagram

Is it possible to be busy, by doing nothing? We've been busy, but in a different sort of way. Traveling here and there, running errands, cooking, cleaning, and breathing. The activities have been low but life in general has left little time (or energy) to do much else. Summer is quickly slipping by and the temperatures are quickly rising. It's hot today and it's only 9:45am in the morning. I have a whole list of adventures to do with The Littles but being hot is not something we enjoy. ha! Hopefully the coming weeks will have us knee deep in fun adventures, but until then, how about a review, Instagram style.

Handsome, my little blue eyed, curly blonde, boy.My Handsome has such long lashes. <3 #baby #eyes #eyelashes

Handsome, being his cute self.  And napping when he can.  Look at those long lashes!

A nice day to ride #bicycles and #tricycles and #cars.

An early morning round of bike riding, before the driveway started sizzling.

Izzy, waving goodbye, on her way to Hollywood.Emmy

Izzy 'n Emmy, enjoying a nice evening out.  Dancing and singing and talking of going to Hollywood.

The Handsome Husband <3

And a Handsome Husband, enjoying a Father's Day with his Littles.

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Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Great pics! I've been using Instagram a lot lately!