Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Everything CHRISTMAS! | Lights, Cookies, Santa and MORE! | Part One

Ah, Christmas! A wonderful time of the year. It seems we build up to Christmas all year long, only to have it over in minutes. haha! How about a quick recap?

Our tree, it went up after our company left in early December. It has survived Alexander, which is an accomplishment in itself. After having two girls who couldn't care less about the lights and shiny balls, Alexander's fascination with it all was overwhelming at times. haha! I can see why others put a baby gate up around it.
Christmas Tree | 2011

I tried, this year and last, to get to Santa with all three of The Littles. It just didn't work out that way this year. Alexander and Emily made it to see him, and Izzy went with her class. Izzy's photo was super cute and with a great Santa, but I haven't had the chance to scan it in. No one was afraid of Santa or cried, which I am always happy about. :)
Santa and Alexander | 2011Santa and Emmy | 2011

I have always wanted to string my kids up, in lights. So this year I found some time to plug them in and let them have a go. It was fun and even Lucy took two seconds to pose for me.




The Littles decorated cookies.

Izabel had a Holiday Party at school, too. They decorated cookies, made some crafts and played some games. Daddy was able to be Room Dad this year while I stayed at home not feeling so well. They had a great time!

To Be Continued....