Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Summary | Pumpkin Patch and Halloween

October was a busy month for all of us. Between work and events for The Littles, we were rushed to actually enjoy the first month of Fall.

The Pumpkin Patch was one of those rushed events. We still made the best of it and the kids had a good time. They fed the animals, saw the baby cow, played on the slides and ran through the corn maze in record time. :)

Pumpkin Patch | 10.15.2011
Pumpkin Patch | 10.15.2011
Pumpkin Patch | 10.15.2011Pumpkin Patch | 10.15.2011

Pumpkin Patch | 10.15.2011
Pumpkin Patch | 10.15.2011

The Littles | How Tall This Fall

Then came Halloween! I was Room Mom for Izzy's class this year. It went very well and I loved the little craft we did. :) I think Izzy was glad that I was there and she really enjoyed being the "chosen one" to help me. :) The Littles were all very excited to Trick or Treat, even Alexander. They went for about 2.5 hours and scored a huge loot. The weather was actually very good this year too, maybe high fifties at dark, which made the experience good as well.

I failed to take very many photos of them in their costumes, again, so busy! lol!

The Littles | Halloween 10.31.2011

We hope everyone had a great month and a very happy Halloween!

And yes, Even with The Handsome Husband not feeling well, he did dress his traditional Zombie. Daddy looked scary and hobbled around with us for a bit before calling it quits. :)

The Handsome Husband | Halloween 10.31.2011

Now, on to the month of November, where the food is awesome and the turkey's gobble. :)

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