Friday, June 3, 2011

Review | Costume Supercenter | Princess Snow White

Costume Review |

I am very lucky to have two very girly girls. I am also lucky to have two girls who love to get in and play in the mud. It's a win-win situation. :)

Both Izzy and Emmy love Princess things. I always wanted my girls to love the primping and the frilly dresses, and so far that's how it's been. When they were both old enough to start walking, we started acquiring the little Princess dresses and costumes. You know the ones. Gowns covered in glitter, feathery shoes and plastic earrings. The girls have used their collection very well.

As they've gotten older, and taller, the cute little Cinderella dresses aren't fitting so well anymore. They are tight in some spots and short in others. Most stores stop at around size 4T, which leaves my little Princesses without the proper royal attire.

I was given the chance to try out a Princess Costume from Costume Supercenter. We were very excited at this chance! It gave us the opportunity to find a special dress in the correct size.

Costume Supercenter has hundreds of great costumes; the perfect place to start your Halloween Costume shopping. Everything from Historical, Decades, Movies and MORE! The website is laid out very nicely and is easily navigated.

We chose to go with the Girls Snow White Costume. Izzy and Emmy have never had a Snow White Princess Dress, so they were very excited about this. And they had the correct size! And, to add to the fun, they also have every accessory you can imagine as an add on. Shoes, tiaras, wands and handbags.

Costume Review |

The costume was shipped very quickly and arrived without incident. I had a great experience with them and it made me feel great to find what we've been looking for. So, find an excuse to dress up and have some fun with the Costume Supercenter.