Friday, June 17, 2011

Gamers Bling | Calibur11 Vault For XBOX 360 Slim | Review

Father's Day is Sunday. Just a couple of days away!

Every Father is different, but most men tend to like the same types of things. Power Tools, Lawn Care goodies, and anything Electronic. All safe bets in our family. :)

This year, I had the chance to Review a special sort of gift. How about some Bling for your Hubby's Xbox 360?

"This Father's Day, kill two birds with one stone! For less than $60, thrill Dad with a VAULT! It's a cool case that protects his system and enhances it's performance, while you get a design upgrade to you decor and a handy place for those blasted controllers!" -Highwatergroup

These cases are quite cool, even in my book! Out with the standard black or white systems, and in with all kinds of colors!

Calibur11 offers a huge variety of these Vaults! Some of my favorites:

While these Vaults offer some eye candy to your living room, they also offer the gamer some incentives. Each Vault offers increased airflow to the system and better console stability. These two things are quite important. You don't want the system to get too hot (which may cause the "three rings of death") and if you have Little's like us, you don't want Daddy's precious Xbox to get tipped over when your 3 year old runs across the living room chasing her sister. :)

"Calibur11's base Vaults are available for a suggested retail price of $59.95 and customized nameplates sell for a suggested retail price of $17.95. The MLG Vault is available for $89.99." -Highwatergroup

My Handsome Husband loved his! He found it very easy to assemble and really liked the extra stability to the console. The case also keeps the controller from being left around for a Handsome little 10 month old to drool on. :)

Happy Father's Day to all of you awesome Daddy's out there! And ladies, head over to Calibur11 and pick out YOUR favorite color. There is even a Vampire Red. :-)


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