Friday, November 26, 2010

Dinosaurs Unearthed

Emmy received tickets to see the Dinosaur Unearthered at Union Station for her birthday, from Grama and Papa, and today seemed like a great day to go. After-all, we skipped Black Friday Shopping this year.

Waking early enough to get everyone dressed and out the door, we grabbed breakfast and headed out to the attraction. Uncle Doc stayed with us while he was in town and ventured to the exhibit with us.

It was quite a neat experience, but way less was seen than I would have expected. I thought it would have been much bigger, with more animatronic dinos and fossilized bones. There was enough to be seen though and it ended up being just long enough for the girl's attention span. Someone must have thought of that in the first place. haha!

We saw all kinds of wonderful scenes and learned a few facts here and there. There were buttons to push, scaley skin to feel and an abundance of roars. Emmy was a little hesitant through most of the exhibit. I think the roaring, paired with the huge moving heads full of teeth, had her a little spooked.

All in all, a great time and pretty cool exhibit. And we didn't hit a crowd, which is always a plus when traveling with three small children. One Handsome Little Prince slept the entire time.

Dinosaurs Unearthed, 11/26/2010
Mine and the girls favorite, the Triceratops.

Dinosaurs Unearthed, 11/26/2010Dinosaurs Unearthed, 11/26/2010
Although, Emmy was quite smitten with the T-Rex.

DSC_0039Dinosaurs Unearthed, 11/26/2010
A Mommy and Baby Stegosaurus.

Dinosaurs Unearthed, 11/26/2010Dinosaurs Unearthed, 11/26/2010
There were lots of dino's with fur, but I didn't catch their names.

Dinosaurs Unearthed, 11/26/2010

Dinosaurs Unearthed, 11/26/2010
And this little guy, although quite ferocious in his day, was the cutest little Pterodactyl ever! =)

There are plenty more photos over in the Flickr account. Wander over and take a look. Enjoy!

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