Friday, October 8, 2010

It's A Fancy Nancy Contest!

The Fanciest Little Girl in the World Stars in Nintendo DSi™ and Nintendo DS™ Systems

As stated in THQ's Press Release:

"Explore, play and party with Fancy Nancy: Tea Party Time!, as Nancy helps her favorite neighbor Mrs. DeVine prepare a marvelous tea party. As Nancy, players will stroll through Fancy Nancy’s world, collecting hidden tea sets, stickers and decorative items that they must eventually bring to the party. As they encounter obstacles, players choose one of six different ensembles, each of which grants Nancy a different special ability to use when collecting colorful beads (or fancies), or to unlock bonus materials. Letters that spell out Nancy’s favorite fancy words are also scattered throughout the game for players to discover and use to solve puzzles. Players will be able to take pictures of themselves or their friends using the DSi camera function and create fancy stickers to post in the Sticker Album, or insert their photos into the game and become a guest at Mrs. DeVine’s tea party."

I have the opportunity to offer ONE of my readers this awesome gift basket full of Fancy Nancy goodies! This basket is filled with non-stop fun and "fancy" prizes. A Fancy Nancy Puzzle Game, Tiara and Boa, Tea Party Set, the Fancy Nancy game from THQ and a few other little trinkets.

Here's how to play. Yep, to win this prize pack, you'll have to play along. =-)

This game consists of FIVE trivia questions. If you answer all five trivia questions correctly, you will be entered for a chance to win the Fancy Nancy prize basket.

Please send your five answers to my email directly, do not leave them as a comment or you entry will not count. Email answers to: crackerjacks51603 at yahoo dot com

Trivia Questions:

1. What is Fancy Nancy's last name?
2. What is Fancy Nancy's favorite color?
3. Who are the creators of Fancy Nancy?
4. Who is Nancy's best friend?
5. What helps Fancy Nancy play soccer better?

*The Fine Print*
Contest is open to US Residents only. Contestants who submit 5 correct answers will then be pooled together; one winner will be randomly selected. I'll be pulling from a hat most likely. :) Contest is open from now until Midnight, October 15th, 2010.

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