Saturday, August 7, 2010

36 Hours To Go

I am counting down the hours now before my Handsome Husband and I are in the hospital and ready to deliver our third child, Alexander Henrik. I had PST on Friday and have been cleared for surgery on Monday.

It's finally here! I am excited and nervous. It seems like I have been counting down forever, yet I feel like I need more time to prepare.


The girls are very excited and have been using a chain to count down the sleeps until Alexander arrives. I wonder what their reaction will be when they really do get to take home a baby that was really in Mommy's tummy? haha!

Thank you all for you kind words and support. I'll update as soon as I return home with as many adorable photos as I can manage.


Kaci said...

Can't wait to see him!! XOXOX

Terry said...

Good luck today! We'll all be thinking of you.

{Kimber} said...

Thinking of you!! I can NOT wait to see his adorable little face!!

Dawn said...

I think you've had the baby by now! I think the girls are in for a huge surprise!

Can't wait to see pictures.

Holly said...

Yay, I hope it goes great!

Honey Mommy said...

Seriously, I LOVE, LOVE that picture! I am totally going to have to do one like it... when I have another baby that is!

Hope all goes well!