Friday, February 5, 2010

A Trim Trim Here and A Trim Trim There

Izzy and Emmy went for haircuts last weekend. This was Miss Emmy's first haircut but it was really just a tiny trim. She has such tight and prefect curls and I didn't want them to disappear. She watched Izzy go first but was still a little jittery when she got in the chair and put on the special Harry Potter cape. She wanted to watch everyone else and turn her head at just the moment the hairdresser needed to snip. LOL! Overall she did great though and the most we took off was up in front, so she could see again.

Emmy's 1st Haircut

This was Izzy's 3rd haircut and she did great. Sadly, I had the hairdresser cut off quite a bit. About 4 inches in fact. It was so long and pretty but Izzy is still learning to take care of her hair and I was tired of fighting through the knots at the end of the day. She was nervous because she didn't want her hair short "like a boy", but I made sure and kept it long enough for piggies.

Izzy's 3rd Haircut


{Kimber} said...

how cute!!
your girlies are such little beauties :)

Emily said...

They both look gorgeous! Melody still hasn't had her first hair cut! :)