Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I ♥ Tucker- 33 Days Post Surgery

Tucker is still holding pretty much the same pattern as he has over the last couple of days. We are still hoping for progress off the vent.

While there hasn't been much to update, I do know that yesterday they started a new heart medication. The new med is suppose to help the heart relax but it also messes with Tucker's Blood Pressure. Tucker needs high BP right now to keep the fluid off of his heart and lungs. It also helps Tucker to pee out all of the extra fluid. If I understood correctly, there are still some wet x-rays and the vent settings were not moving down much.

It's hard to see Tucker right now. Mommy says that the past 33 days have taken a toll on Tuck's body. IV spots are black and blue with bruising, especially his groin where they have entered during two heart caths. Of course the chest his trying to heal as well. Tucker also has some kind of rash that may be a result of the antibiotic that they put him on when cultures came back with indication of an infection a few days ago. And lastly, his eyes are still in the process of healing.

As mentioned in earlier updates, Tucker has some small ulcers on his eyes. I believe this is a result of his eyes not being completely closed during this hospital stay while he's been mostly under and sedated. I know eye drops are being administered in hopes of clearing them up.

This is all I have for the moment. I can't thank you all enough for continuing to check in on Tucker and his family. I know the updates aren't as fun (and constant) but Tucker is stable and just needs time to come off of the vent. This is the most important step towards progress. Notches on the vent are coming down, but it doesn't take much for them to come back up with the slightest complication.

Tucker is a strong boy and will be up and out of that bed in no time. Mommy and Daddy are anxious to hold their son and his sister is more than ready to hand out piggy back rides again. All in good time; Tucker Time.

Today, I am leaving you with some photos that I took of Tucker just days before he left for Boston. Enjoy!




4 Lettre Words said...

We are still praying for that beautiful boy!

Unknown said...

This precious boy is going through SO much! Life is not fair sometimes! hoping for improvement!

NannyJ said...

Constantly praying for Tucker...