Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I "Heart" Tucker

As seen on I "Heart" Tucker, a journey to Boston for a whole heart.


Joey from The Weeks Family Blog has come forth and offered an amazing collection of home made candles. A portion of the profits from each sale will go directly toward Tucker and his family.

Candles By Scorpio offers a wide range of fragrances; everything from Almond to Zinfandel. I think the Orange and Lilac would be my top picks. Joey also has many different sizes to choose from. The largest size she offers is a 26 oz. This is the kind of candle I would buy, the long lasting burning time would keep my house smelling yummy for a long time. She also offers smaller candles such as your Tea Lights and Votive's.

Everything you need to know to to put together your order can be found at Candles By Scorpio. Fragrances, Pricing and Sizes as well as photos of her products.

This is a wonderful opportunity to stock up on some of your favorite candle scents and all the while you will be helping Tucker get to Boston. We are down to last few weeks before Tucker leaves. Every last bit we can do to help will make a world of a difference. Joey has volunteered to send a protion of each candle sale to Tucker and his family. Thank you Joey for your kindness!

To place your candle order, please visit Candles By Scorpio. You can contact Joey directly to get your orders in process by emailing her at candlesbyscorpio@aol.com

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Alicia W. said...

What a great cause! I'm headed there right now because you can NEVER have too many candles.