Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yoplait Kids Yogurt (Review & Giveaway)

As I have mentioned before, I am a big yogurt eater. It's good for you! When the girls were little(er) I tried giving them a chance to try yogurt. Neither one of them thought yogurt was appealing. *lol*

Izabel and Emily have grown to like it more these days, but I still have to be tricky about it. Talk about hiding vegetables in a child's dinner, how about hiding yogurt?!

Recently I was asked to try Yoplait Kids Drinkables. We've tried several Yoplait Kids yogurts before, even the Trix, but still the girls would only take one bite and be done. Mommy and Daddy always ended up eating them.
I went to our local Walmart who generally has them for about $2.39. I chose the Dora Strawberry flavor. I came home, put it in the fridge, and waited for a good time to let the girls try it. Yesterday morning came and I decided that I had an idea. The Yoplait Drinkables are already drinkable, why not mix it up a little and put it in the girls cups for breakfast??

Hmmm, add Yoplait Strawberry Drinkable to child's cup, mix in a little milk. Viola!!

Emmy downed her's in no time and Izzy didn't make a peep.

I'm so glad this worked for us because I find Yogurt to be an important part of a persons diet.

"Did you know research has shown that fewer than half of all kids ages two to 12 get the calcium they need each day? Calcium and Vitamin D are both essential nutrients for building strong bones. Though it can be challenging for growing kids to get Vitamin D, since it is found naturally in very few foods, Yoplait for Kids makes it a little easier to incorporate a delicious source of Vitamin D and Calcium in your child's diet.

Now, because my sponsors are so kind and awesome, I have 3 of these very cool and very fun Get Active Kid's Pack's to giveaway! Each prize pack includes the following: A coupon for a free pack of Yoplait Kids Yogurt, Travel Cooler, Jump Rope, Water Bottle, Beach Ball, Paddle Ball, Jai Ali and a Frisbee.

You can also print a coupon to keep on hand for your next purchase.

To Enter:
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Q: What type of activities do you do as a family to stay healthy and active?

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Crystal Renee said...

My kids love those too! They are good!

CC said...

My husband can't do much b/c of injuries, but the rest of us bike, garden, and run around a lot!

Anonymous said...

Work out at the gym together


Anonymous said...

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