Friday, April 24, 2009

Arizona Plant Life

Combing through the photos of our vacation to the Southwest, I found that I had quite of few plant life shots. As much as I love the grass and falling leaves here in the Midwest, some of the Cactus are beautiful. Each one just as different as the next.

But before you take a gander, take a look at this little guy "humming" away in Nanny's front yard. I waited for a few days to try and capture him. This was the closest me and my 55 mm could get. You can enlarge for a better view.

Arizona Plant Life/Humming Bird

Enjoy the "berry sharp" plants of Arizona.

And as Chris has pointed out so nicely, finding beauty in things around you is quite fun. Beauty presents itself in some very strange forms, textures and colors.
Arizona Plant Life
Arizona Plant Life
Arizona Plant Life
Arizona Plant Life
Arizona Plant Life
Arizona Plant Life


The Bryant Family said...

OMG you are counting down the days until the next book? :) hee hee
Cool photos...these are pretty close up, dont think you can get mcuh closer even with a bigger zoom....let me know when you use the lense...i hope it works.

Jillien said...

This are some INCREDIBLE photographs! Love them!

(OH MY, I too am incredibly anxious for New Moon to come out. I have a feeling that the movies are just going to keep getting better and better)

thanks for stopping by my blog today!! Have a blessed weekend!


Marni's Organized Mess said...

Great shots! I love hummingbirds and pics!

CC said...

So interesting the differences in plants in different environments. Here, we are moss-a-licious.

Latree said...

great photos...

I also like doing experiments with macro..

Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures! It took me a minute to find the hummingbird, but you did a great job of capturing him! :-)

Unknown said...

I love pokey plants and you caught some great shots! I can tell you're loving your camera! :)