Monday, February 9, 2009

Quick Update

It has been beautiful the last few days here in the midwest. Too bad three of the four of us have colds. Emmy has a deep cough again and we have had to begin breathing treatments. She loves doing it and it seems to help her get through the day. So far we have only been doing it about two times a day for a couple of days.

Izzy had her pre-op appointment yesterday and both her and Emmy saw the nutritionist. I've had a couple of people ask me before why the girls see a nutritionist. I'd like to explain that this is an optional thing for us. It helps me to keep up on their nutrition in general. I like knowing the gist of things and this visit encourages me to try new things with them. We talk about what foods/drinks the girls like, what they might try, how to play with our food, and additional information for my picky Princess Izzy. There are no health issues with either Princess. We go about 4 times a year.

Surgery is a go for this Friday. Izabel is happy, healthy and beautiful! She weighed in at 32 pounds and 36 inches tall. A range in the 25-50th percentile. She's lost some weight and hasn't grown any since her last check, but we are not freaking out. She eats when she wants and that's the way it works. Our Pedi has reassured us time and time again that children will not starve themselves. So far she has managed to stay clear of the cold/cough going through our house. I just need her to hang healthy for 4 more days!! Keep your fingers crossed.

After the doctor we picked up Uncle Doc and went shopping. I didn't find a thing but it was nice to get out for a bit. After that Uncle Doc treated the girls and I to Chuckee Cheese. It's been years since I have been to one. In fact, the last time I went it was still Showbiz Pizza. LOL! The girls have never been before, but they had a blast! It was so much fun.

Another great thing about being a stay at home mommy, we can go do things during the day before the rush hits! We had the place to ourselves! Thank you Uncle Doc!!

So that is about it. I've been busy so I've had little time on the mac. I'm hoping to have time to visit you all this week. Some of you I have been lurking but not commenting.

My birthday was nice. My darling husband took me to Outback for a fabulous Filet while the grandparents watched the girls. It was so nice not to have to cut my food up into small pieces to share. LOL! I ate so much in fact that I was sick afterwards.

But Oh.So.Worth.It!

Thank you all for the wonderful Birthday Wishes. Each comment, email, phone call, text msg and Facebook message made my day!!

Today (Tuesday) we are going to the zoo. It's suppose to be in the lows 70's, in February! I'll update photos of the birthdays and such when I return.

Have a wonderful day!!!


Killlashandra said...

The zoo sounds lovely! What a treat to go out for your birthday too. And I can't blame you for the sharing bit at all. I'm forever doing the same thing. ~:)

Honey Mommy said...

How nice that you have had some great weather and fun times. It's been a bit chilly here, especially today, but we are hanging on for spring!

Glad you had a great birthday!

The Bryant Family said...

Hey dont know if you know or not but your photo of the girls made the top 20 of the horsing around contest!!! I voted already for you. I need to post something on my blog to have everyone go and vote. CONGRATS

Michelle said...

Praying everything goes well for the surgery!

I voted for your pic already! congrats on making the top 20!