Monday, February 16, 2009

I Need To Babble

I feel like I need to come about and explain my absence in the blogging world lately. I have been so busy for the last few weeks. Every week comes around and I tell my self that today is the day where I can sit down and catch up on all the new posts, respond to emails, and just plain lollygag around the blogosphere.

And then the weekend comes round and I still haven't done it. *sigh*

I finally got caught up today on emails and I've been around to visit PSF and a few others. But I have a pretty large pile of blogs I like to look in on; I'll need another day or so. lol!

Among the usual, chaotic, everyday things, I have been working on a very important fundraiser. It's important to me because I am very good friends with the family. It's important because Tucker is such a sweety! If you have a moment, go over and see what I have been working on. You can also click the farm button on the top right of this blog.

In other news, house remodeling is well under way again. So yeah, things are being torn apart, knocked down, and redone. The dining room has been torn down to the studs, all the way around. This weekend we were able to put the ceiling up, which was down right harder than it looked and build the stud wall for the Princess's room addition. My Daddy has been so gracious as to help with all of it and we are so thankful. We made 3 trips to Home Depot this weekend, each with a truck load full of wood and sheet rock. We also made a trip to the flooring place and bought new hardwood laminate for the living room and dining room. And we also got a new door for the dining room. We will be opening up the dining room to a future-built deck out to the backyard.

Yep, fun times! Can I just say that everything is so darn expensive! I am a pretty frugal shopper so I found the best deals I could for the new deck door and flooring, but sheet rock and 2 x 4's are not usually an item you can find on sale. However, those who know me and have been to my house, know that all of this was needed. We've been remodeling for almost 4 years now. It's about time we were done.

So, between the Princesses, the house being torn apart again and all of the little things in between, I've been awal.

Now, on to the highlight of my valentine weekend. I've read so many sweet posts and lovely letters from husbands to their wives today. I am so glad all of you had such a wonderful heart day. The girls got some goodies from Gama and Papa and I gave them each a new shirt and some chocolate. Daddy got a new movie to watch and then spent the day doing housework. (Read Above. lol!) Grandparents, nieces and nephews, I had cards for you but I never made it to the post office. *sigh* We though of you all and hope you had a nice day with family too.

Anyway, Greg and I usually exchange a sweet card and some little thoughtful gift when we can. Greg is really good at writing me notes and sweet thoughts. One day I plan to scan some of the nice things he writes me. You'll melt. lol!

This year however, I was shocked to see that my sweet and darling husband went above and beyond. Keep in mind, I usually know everything. It's hard to get anything by me...most of the time. So we exchanged our gifts with me saying, "Don't be upset, but it's just a little something."

Greg smiled and got overly excited on purpose when he saw a movie in the bag. He really did like the selection I chose, but you could tell he was excited for me to open my gift.

I picked up the box and just knew he had gotten me a new knife block and knives. I've been talking about it for awhile now. I smiled, thinking I already knew what was in the box. I tore the side of the paper off...and then about fainted.

The girls were just as shocked as I was. It took us some time but I am now upgraded. I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw this. Greg did his homework, calculated our budget and made my Valentines Day so very special. Anyone wanna book a shoot?'

To recap, we are busy, tearing apart the house and happily shooting away with the Nikon. Thanks for listening.

P:S:- The data recovery guy called this far nothing. Not one single file can be found. It's not looking hopeful either.

Does anyone have any advice on dealing with a panic attack?


Unknown said...

way to go greg!!!

hey yeah i wanna book a its not a far drive!!

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh my, you have been busy!! House remodeling always get so involved and can be expensive, but so worth it in the end. Enjoy all your hard work, LOL!

Oh and what an amazing present!!! How wonderfully sweet!! That is AWESOME!


Anonymous said...


I don't envy you, but I KNOW that you will be so glad when it's over!!!

Jennifer Bowen said...

It surely is a busy time for you and your family. I hope you're all doing well. Congrats on your new camera and lens! What a fabulous gift from a wonderful hubby. :) Love the zoo photos from your previous post, too.

Unknown said...

Have you heard about the Restore Store? Do you have one near you? We found great deals there on tile and light fixtures and such. :)

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

Oh girl your life sounds so like mine! Isn't remodeling fun! What a great gift and sweet hubby!

4 Lettre Words said... exciting! I know it will be great in the end!

I've been busier lately, too, but (unfortunately/fortunately) my house is the same. :o)