Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Have Been Tagged

Lori over at The Downs Gang has tagged me for a meme. A list of 25 random things about myself. Way harder than it sounds!

1. I drive more often than Greg does. It makes me nervous to let someone else drive.
2. Greg and I watch Star Trek re-runs after the girls are in bed at 8pm.
3. I love to bake.
4. I do not keep my car very clean.
5. During normal weeks, I talk to my MIL almost everyday.
6. I talk to my mom everyday.
7. I have already filed our taxes.
8. I have never met some of my best friends.
9. I sound terrible on the phone.
10. I can be very mean sometimes.
11. My birthday is next week.
12. I am a list maker.
13. I like fresh lemon in my water.
14. I am addicted to Facebook.
15. It doesn't take much to hurt my feelings.
16. I like tomatos fresh, not cooked.
17. I love pens. I used to collect all kinds. Now I am lucky if I find a crayon.
18. I check my email way too often.
19. I like traveling by car rather than plane.
20. One part of my wedding ring was my MIL's wedding band.
21. I wish I were thin.
22. Candles make me feel better.
23. I enjoy a Truffle Espresso every Saturday.
24. A good pair of socks makes a world of a difference.
25. So does a gift from Tiffany's. lol!

I Tag the following people to play along:
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...And anyone else who feels the need to share a little more about themselves.


Unknown said...

lol How come your not on my facebook??

I am with on #1 I cant stand to let Travis Drive!

Anonymous said...

OOh, I filed our taxes a week & a half ago, am ALSO addicted to Facebook...