Monday, January 26, 2009

Back To Life...Back To Reality

We arrived back home this weekend from our mini vacation to Florida. I say mini only because Daddy was working most of the time we were there. The girls and I did our own thing while he was working.

I have lots of great stories, memories and photos to share. But all in good time. This is my first time at the computer in a very long time. I need to catch up and organize what I have.

Today, In the spirit of it being Monday, I'm going to list all the negative things about our trip. LOL! Yeah, can't you tell I miss the beach already?

*We were not able to make it to Disney. Our connection was our cousin and her offer fell through the night before we left. Izzy was a little disappointed and it took her awhile to realize we weren't kidding. Up until the third day or so she still thought we were going.

*Daddy was sick the last few days we were there. Daddy does not get sick often, but when he does it makes me worry. We hung close to the hotel but he was finally able to get out and finish up his work and go out and play with us in the sand.

*It was terribly cold! With the exception of the last day we were in Florida, it was cold. So cold that we searched high and low for winter jackets, pants and long sleeves. It didn't help that we were so attracted to the water. It was much colder on the coast.

*The flight home was one of those times as a mother were I didn't want everyone to know Izabel and Emily were my children. LOL! The first half of the flight consisted of the girls crying and being antsy. Nothing was entertaining enough to keep them still and quiet. They did fall asleep for the last half of the flight though, which was good.

Now that all that negativity has been expelled, enjoy some photos. These photos were taken at Clearwater Beach and Pier 60, One of the most beautiful beaches we've ever been to.

Pier 60 At Clearwater Beach, Florida-01/22/09

Clearwater Beach, Florida-01/22/09

I'll update as often as I can in the coming days. I am trying to get around to everyone as well, but it's gong to take me awhile to catch up. Please be patient and know that I missed each and every one of you!


Dawn said...

So much for global warming!! I keep hearing about disappointing trips to paradise when it is cold instead of balmy. Too bad!

The worst thing about the kids acting up on the plane is knowing what other passengers are thinking!

That sure went fast - seems like you just left! Have a good week! So sorry you didn't make it to Disney.

The Bryant Family said...

Welcome home!!! The pictures are great, sorry about Disney. I know Izabel was probably very sad.

brionyskerjance said...

man I am sorry about disney, i'm sure breaking that news wasn't fun. i can't even imagine the plane ride...thank goodness it didn't last the entire time.

the pics are beautiful! I can't believe it was cold...what is happening to our world :)

CC said...

No Disney AND cold. :( :( :(

Anonymous said...

Ok, NOW you've got that song stuck in my head LOL

Sorry you didn't get to see Mickey!

Those pics are awesome!

Rachel Dominguez said...

I went to Clearwater in 1994 for my honeymoon and I have to say it was one of the prettiest waters ever! Love the pics.

Sorry for the bad parts of your trip, but surely the good parts out weighed.

Dragonfly Kisses said...

I love the first picture.

Vacations aren't much fun when its not warm.