Monday, August 4, 2008

Random Recap

(Princess Emily In The Bath)

(Izabel and Emily)

(Princess Izabel Swinging)

This last weekend was quite frustrating and horribly hot! Today is no better and the girls are just miserable, which makes me slightly irritable. The temperature in our house is a warm 91 degrees and with todays temps over 100, I can only see it getting worse!

Despite the fact it has been hot, the girls spent several hours this weekend at several different parks. Parks are what Izabel lives for! She loves to swing and slide and climb her way around. Emily enjoys swinging as well and crawling the grounds to taste test anything that can be put into her mouth.

Over 50 pictures were added to FLICKR! this weekend, so go on over and have a look.

Potty training is going great. Izabel has been in panties for 4 days now with only one pee accident. Even through the night I leave her in big girl panties. We are so proud of her and hope that she continues to do so well.

Also, please don't forget to vote for my entry in the Summer Time Photo Contest. It's very simple to vote, no registering or anything like that. The link can be found in the top left hand corner. I am counting on you!

Now if you'll excuse me, the computer is just putting off way too much heat!


Bren said...

I hear ya! It's been so hot here I can't stand it.

Beautiful pics, as always!

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

Yep, I am voting. How many times a day can we vote? Good luck, I loved the picture.

Karen Coutu said...

Emily's eyes look just amazing in that first photo!

Oh, and YAY for the continued success with potty training. I am dreading training the twins. Two at once is going to be tricky!

Hope it cools off for you soon.

Karen of the MomDot Street Team