Saturday, August 2, 2008

Potty Training A Princess

It seems as though I am not cut out for potty training. My almost two and a half year old is still teeter tottering around the issue. Today was a mostly successful day, with the exception of two poopy accidents in her big girl panties. She did not pee in her panties at all today. I even kept her in panties while we went to run errands and go to dinner!

We took her to McDonald's to play in the indoor playground (where there is Air Conditioning!) and I was crazy-worried she was going to just pee all over some little kids feet or stand at the top of the mega swirly slide and watch her tinkle roll down!

There were a few other children there. One girl was slightly older than Izzy, but not by much. It just so happens she had to go potty while playing and quickly told her mommy. I was jealous of that mom. I waited in anticipation for my Princess to shout at the top of her lungs, "Mommy, I have to pee!" No such pleasure came to me. I just kept picturing a horrible mess of pee all over and me trying to explain to the very old clean up lady that I am just not a good potty training mommy! Oh The Nightmares!

The last few minutes before we left I took her in the restroom again and kindly asked her to try to go pee once more. She sat down and was silent. Silence usually means she's attempting to go pee with all her might. She then breaks the silence and we have the following conversation:

Princess: "Mommy, See my hiney?" She's actually pointing to her girly bits, not her hiney.

Mommy: "Yep, I see it."

Princess: "It's pretty mommy."

Mommy: "It is?"

Princess: "It's got sprinkles on it."

Mommy: Totally laughing out loud! Not only is she confused about what is what
but somewhere along the line,
she found sprinkles!

As we were walking out of McDonald's to the car, Daddy told Izzy he was so proud that she behaved while we were inside.

Princess Izzy: "It's My Pleasure."

The last two days I've upped the incentive for a potty full of pee; money, dinero, moo-la, wads of cash! I started with a quarter but by the middle of today I was digging through my purse gathering every dollar bill I could find! She was rewarded with all I had which is a good thing but I am down to a five! Luckily bedtime came.

I finally bought Pull Ups today instead of real diapers, but I still don't see the point. I'd rather go through and have to wash 20 pairs of panties instead of going through those things. Plus, I think they still look and feel like a diaper. She made not be so inclined to go if she's wearing one.

Tmrw is another day and hopefully Princess Izzy can continue on with progress. I'm already getting those stares, glares and "Oh, she's still in diapers!?". Not that I care what other people think, but I wish they knew how hard we've been trying to potty train and for how long! It's not as easy as it looks! It still blows me away that my generation's parents claim that we were potty trained around 18 months! We will be lucky if she's good to go by three!


Dawn said...

Potty training is the very worst part of mothering! Or grandmothering, as the case may be! She's doing fine - don't stress. Some kids just are so much slower (ask Kristen and me about Feisty, who is MUCH older and has had so many UTI's that she's really behind and paranoid). And I agree with you on pull-ups - they are worthless. And when they poop in them - EWWW! Well, that was a pleasant comment, eh??

Thanks for coming over to my S&T -

Needled Mom said...

That is too funny. As I always said, "If I don't get them potty trained, their high school footbal coach will." Don't stree it as it isn't worth it.

My DIL had a great potty chair which accomplished the goal in one day. If you had success in the potty, the heat from it would trigger a musical melody. The kids loved it - all nine (so far trained) of them.

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

We are in the process of potty training Kaden. We were having a horrible time getting him to understand what it meant to go potty. I finally made him a "Kaden's Potty Chart" and every time he goes pee he gets one sticker to put on it and every time he poos he gets two. He is doing sooo much better now. We told him after 10 stickers (we thought that was a good goal to shoot for in the first week) that he would get a new book. The first week he got 18 and that is minus one day because we were away from his potty chair all day. This week it is 20 and he will get a new book. He doesn't ask yet (well once he did) but when we ask him he says yes.

I have heard that most kids will go when they are don't stress too much. I also heard that going "poop" on the potty takes more time. Good Luck!!! She seems to be doing great!!!