Thursday, August 7, 2008

ER, HFMD, and UTI Oh My!

I tried to get to an update posted yesterday, but I was dog tired and the girls still needed quite a bit of attention.

I'll begin with Tuesday night because that's when, after procrastinating all day, we took them to the ER at the nearest hospital, which is NOT a good children's hospital. I never had anything bad to say when I was treated there and birthed my two girls, but they suck at handling and treating children. This was the same hospital that incorrectly diagnosed and treated Izabel's fractured leg.

Both of the girls were in a lot of pain before and on the way to the ER. Once we got there, both seemed to lighten up a bit and take in all the nasty smells and bright white hallways. The doctor saw both of the girls, didn't know Emily's name and thought she was a boy, put a catheter in Izabel, wrote the same antibiotic for both and showed us the door several hours later.

They said Izzy had a UTI and Emmy had a small canker sore in her mouth. We were to see our regular PED anyway but I knew that I would be getting a second opinion.

Wednesday we took the girls to their regular PED and he said the diagnosis were incomplete and the treatments were WRONG. Good thing I was too tired to fill the scrips we got in the ER. I did lots of digging before the girls were born to find the best PED and I am very happy with them and I trust them more than anything. I knew it was bad when the PED ranted about the ER visit.

So, Izabel and Emily BOTH have Herpangina. (THIS IS NOT HERPES.) Emily got it first and in a matter of two days, Izabel has it and is almost worse off. Herpangina is a strain of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. This strain only affects the mouth. Thus far there are not any major blisters on their bodies, although I think there are a few.

It is a viral infection, therefore not treatable, just manageable. The pain from eating and drinking is a major thing right now. Every couple of hours Izzy and Emmy have an application of meds similar to Hydrogen Peroxide swabbed inside their mouth. This med numbs the blisters and allows them a short period of comfort. Both of them hate having this stuff put in their mouth, but I think it helps a little. They are both still very contagious and are not allowed outside at all. They should be better and not contagious in about 5 more days.

Izabel also has her first case of Dysuria; also known as a UTI. It is very minor but there is enough bacteria that a ten day, 14 mL course of antibiotics is needed. The PED said it is very common for girls to get a UTI in the first stages of Potty Training. Luckily I caught the symptoms early.

Besides the above mentioned treatments, Izzy and Emmy are on Motrin and Tylenol every 4 hours. Pretty much around the clock.

Things were better last night, but there was still very little sleeping. This morning has been okay as well. You can tell when the mouth solution has worn off. It's not too bad. I hated doing the Gentian Violet more than this stuff.

Please keep them in your thoughts as it's still going to be a long week or so. They can't be outside at all, especially Izabel. (Her antibiotic causes blisters on the skin even with minimal sun exposure.) So that leaves us hanging out at home.

Thank you to the many who have called and emailed. It really means a lot.

P.S- Potty Training is still going GREAT! Izabel has had no accidents and I think we may be on the raod to success. How many days has it been...? Seriously, I forgot! I think tmrw will be full week. Yeah Izzy!

P.S.S- Izabel turned two and a half years old yesterday. WOW! As soon as she is better I'll do her birthday photos and letter.

P.S.S.S- Below is a video of Izabel singing. Nanny J, this ones for you!


NannyJ said...

That is so great - she even has the right tune! Thank you. xoxo

Bren said...

Oh, my heart goes out to them. My oldest two had HFMD when I was pregnant. It was horrible and we were all so miserable. Prayers on the way!!

That singing is adorable! The next American Idol? ;)

mommy to Kaden, Brody and angel Ava said...

The video is great. You will definitely have to save that one and show it to all her boyfriends when she gets older!!!

I hope they start feeling better soon. I do have a it just mainly girls who get UTI's from potty training and how do they get it? Just curious since we are working with Kaden on potty training.

Michelle said...

oh I'm sorry to hear they are both so miserable with that strain! I can't imagine having two kiddos being in pain while trying to eat and drink! I hope it starts to clear up soon and they are on their way to feeling much better!