Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Updated Tidbits

(Emmy and Izzy Playing In The Pool)

I've really been lacking in updates for the last couple of weeks which isn't like me at all. I can come up with a million reasons why! I'll try and run through some that I can remember and go from there!

First off, remember I told you we got the girls some fish after Gamma and Papa bought a tank? We had Fred, Wilma and Pebbles. Well Wilma and Pebbles passed away about 2 days after Izabel over-fed them. We had a ceremonial flushing of the girls and Izabel seemed okay with that. I didn't want to just take the fish out and get rid of them. I wanted Izabel to understand what happened to the fish and what we were going to do with them. I'm not the type to replace the fish with an identical so she'll never know. She overfed them and I suspect that's what killed them. I wanted her to at least be talked to about what happened. She did well and there was no fuss over the ordeal.

Fred is still going strong and doing fantastic. He's a very lively fish and appears to be what a fish would look like all hyped up on speed. He's a very jittery fish and spazes out when you glance his direction. Izabel and an adult feed him twice a day and other than that, Izabel leaves him alone. She occasionally asks to check on him but we've had no overfeeding episodes since.

Izabel and Emily have had their 29 month and 8 month birthdays and once again, I'm running behind on photos and letters. I'm honestly going to get to that this week. *Fingers Crossed* They've hit some wonderful milestones and I am anxious to share. As a sneak peek, Emily did crawl for the first time last night. Like a real crawl! She only did it a couple of times but I suspect she'll be in her way in a matter of days.

(Emmy LOVES The Pool)

Last Wednesday, Izabel attended her first day of Vacation Bible School. The classes are 2 hours a night, once a week, for five weeks. Gamma took Izabel last week and said she had a blast. She played really well with all of the other children, sang songs, did crafts and was the belle of the ball. Gamma said everyone there told her how pretty Izabel was and what a good little girl she was. Izabel insisted that Gamma didn't have to stay in the room with her, that she was a big girl. So off Izzy went and Gamma stayed in the next room listening to her laugh and play and have a good time.
Tonight is Izabel's second night of VBS and I hope she does just as well and as just as good of a time as the first.

(Izzy Posing For The Photo-Such A Doll)

That's all I can seem to remember at the moment. We've been keeping really busy, by choice. The girls love to be out and about and we like them to experience as much as we can. This weekend Izabel has another hair appointment and then we have a few activities to choose from. Not to mention Daddy and I have already starting discussing our trip to Disney! It's still a ways off, but we have been looking forward to the moment for so long. We want to plan it just right so that we can do EVERYTHING there is to do.


Tammy and Parker said...

I've got a 12 year old son that sounds just like one of those fish you were talking about! ::::zoom!:::

Donna said...

like her Uncle Doc in the above photo in the pool.

Donna said...

oops the first part didn't publish. I said Izzy looks like Murdock in the picture in the pool.