Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Under Construction

Here we go again!

As much as I like most of the headers and such that hubby and I have been able to create, I still like to change things up more often than not. I like where we are right now; brown and pink is always good and currently my choice of hot colors!

In a matter of hours last night, I taught myself how to do the coolest adjustments to the web site. I was literally jumping around with joy at a quarter to midnight last night! Hubby is usually the design guy behind my ideas, but last night I took Photoshop by the horns!

I'm in a creative mode so do not be shocked if the site changes more times than you can count!

Also, for those of you who have had trouble commenting and accessing links, try it now. I tweeked some of the code for a better performance.


The Bryant Family said...

Hey, it works.....great new site. Way to go! :) Let me know if you are available at all this weekend for a swim, possibly sunday? Did you hear on the position yet?

Karen Coutu said...

I love brown and pink!!! I think you did a great job.