Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day Festivities!

We hope everyone had a safe and fun filled Fourth Of July!
We had a day full of activities, as usual. (Izzy, Emmy, Vinney and Kam)

First stop was a family gathering in Smithville. Izabel and Emily dressed up as cute as ever and proceeded to make themselves right at home in the country. Izabel went straight for the mega trampoline in the back yard and jumped up until we had to leave. She LOVES to jump so much! She and Emmy played very nicely with their cousins; Kam, who just turned One in May and Vincent, who will be One in September.

(Kam Hugging Emmy and Izzy Hugging Vincent)

We ate lots of food and munched on Watermelon before Izabel got into the fireworks we bought for her. She did Sparklers, Snakes, Snaps and some of those champagne ribbon poppers. She liked the Sparklers the best and found the popping of the other things a bit too noisy. She would basically just stand there with the Sparkler in her hand and watch it burn. She wasn't into waving it around or anything. She had a lot of fun and even the other little ones enjoyed watching Izzy and Daddy doing them.

Emily mostly hung out with the adults as we didn't want her in the grass with bugs and such. She did take a few pictures with the cousins though. Emmy was pretty much the only one who would look at the camera and smile! Cute little Princess!

(Kam'Ron, Emily and Vincent)

There are several pictures from the Family Gathering over in FLICKR!
Be sure and check them out!

(Izabel With A Sparkler)

After everyone (except Mommy) took a very long nap, we headed outside to set off more fireworks and play until the Big Show started. We did fountains at home, more Sparklers, Snakes and Snaps. The Big Show was great and we all enjoyed sitting on the lawn and watching them from home. We couldn't have been any closer nor had a better seat!

(Daddy With A Sparkler)

We took so many Fireworks photos and most of them are pretty neat. Once again you can find all of our photos over in FLICKR!

(Fourth Of July Fireworks Show)

Click HERE for a direct link to the collection!

Today, Daddy and I went out for a couple of hours while the girls stayed with Gamma and Papa. We went and saw WALL-E. Very cute movie that looked amazing! We wanted to take Izzy, but once we saw the movie, we were glad we didn't. I think it would have bored her! There wasn't a whole lot of conversation and there was NO singing! Not an Izzy type of movie. We will try again later in the summer; perhaps a Drive-In Movie.

There are a few more activities on the list for this weekend. Check back on Sunday afternoon for more!

Note: For those of you who are concerned about Izabel handling a Sparkler, she was in good hands and had many adults closely watching her. She was not harmed during the festivities.


Bren said...

Cool firework shots! The kids are as cute as always.

Karen Coutu said...

What an adorable foursome!! Looks like you had a fun celebration!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I host a new meme on Tuesdays about children called "Silly Monkey Stories." You're invited to join in since you have a couple of cute little monkeys there.