Thursday, June 26, 2008

Frugal and Loving It - Freebies

Try Multi Grain Cheerios Free

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Simply American Greeting Card Free
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Free Wood Skull Auto Air Freshener From AJ Tuning
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Pull Ups Free Potty Training Success DVD
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*I received this DVD already and it does have some great ideas.

For more great Freebies visit Freebies 4 Mom! Her site is full of goodie-ness!!


Bren said...

Cool! I love freebies and since I'm in potty training hell right now, that one caught my eye.

Terry said...

Funny, Linda's new favorite book to read in the car is "Potty Training in Three Days". It totally didn't work, but now that she's potty trained I guess the pictures of kids on the potty is amusing.