Saturday, May 10, 2008


It has been a long yet uneventful few days. I have barley taken my camera off the shelf for a week. Uneventful maybe, but I still feel like I was busy. I am having a hard time remembering what happened in the last few days.

Instead of trying to recap, I'll just start from today. Today, the girls and I went to garage sales with Gamma and Papa. We found some outstanding deals. Izabel's summer wardrobe is finally looking like something and Emily's adding some pretty neat pieces to her overwhelming stock as well. I am all about a bargain. Today I spent $20 and was able to buy about 40 pieces of clothing for the girls, some rattles and toys for Emmy, and a few books for Daddy and I. I also found a new highchair for Princess Emmy. It's practically new and Gamma paid only $10 for it. Emily is pictured below in it for the first time while eating dinner. It's very handy and I love all the features it has to offer. It's a standard size highchair, but Emmy is so small in it. The straps almost don't go tight enough and her little chin could almost sit right on the tray. She will grow into it just fine though.

(Emmy Eating Cereal In Her New Chair)

Izabel's new kitchen and doll house arrived today from Gamma. The kitchen is so big and full of nifty features. Plenty of room to store all of her accessories. It is the Little Tikes County Kitchen and it was also a bargain for $20. Izabel loves it and has been playing in it all day. She even cooked cake and waffles for Emily, who enjoyed being with Izzy as she cooked. I had to rearrange the girls room to make it fit, but I think it's going to work. The doll house is a huge 3 story with tons of furniture and babies and everything you could imagine. Even little baby swings on the wrap around porch. It's very cute and, this too, has kept Izabel's attention most of the afternoon. Thank you Gamma for getting the new toys. We appreciate it.

(Izabel and Emily In The New Kitchen- "Little Tikes Country Kitchen")

It was a good day all around; a great begining to a Mother's Day weekend. Which in turn I must say Happy Mother's Day to our Mother's. Without them, we would be nothing. Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mommy's!

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Bren said...

I always love your girls' pictures. They are so sweet!