Monday, May 12, 2008

Last Chances

A few reminders on events expiring in the next few days.

First off, Revolution Money Exchange. Links are identified by the green buttons on this page. This is a new online banking company trying to get new customers in their database. Everything is FREE with NO OBLIGATIONS. Simply click the green RME button, sign up and you get a free $25.00 in your account. If you no longer wish to participate, you can transfer the $25.oo to your bank account or request a check be mailed to you in the amount of $22.50. (They charge $2.50 to have a paper check mailed to you.) There isn't an easier way to make $25.00 in less than 2 minutes. Not only will you benefit, but for using our links as referrals, we will receive $10.00 for each person who signs up under us. This offer is only good until Wednesday, so please, take 2 minutes and sign up.

Pictures for Parker is doing quite well. We have a pretty good number of pages already for the book and we are still getting emails from people wanting to be a part of this fund raiser. The deadline for this event is Wednesday, May 14th 2008. If you want a picture made in your name, please email me. Thanks so much and don't forget to see what's new with Parker.

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