Thursday, April 17, 2008

Scrapbooking Revisited

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Scrapbooking used to be my hobby. I would spend countless hours (and money) on scrapbooks, supplies and picture developing. I loved doing it and it was a great way to keep my precious memories organized. When we bought our house and moved, I lost my space and therefore had to pack everything up. With remodeling and the the birth of Izabel, I lost the time altogether. I miss it and wish I would have stayed up on it. I really hope to get back into it, of course that means 3 years worth of backtracking. With the development of digital cameras and the internet, I have found that I am doing some sort of scrapbooking, just not in the paper sense. I recently took interest in Digital Online Scrapbooking and have finally made my first page. Nothing too snazzy, more of a test run. Doing this page reminded me of the many scrapbooks I have completed already and also how much I miss it.

Hopefully this site will hold many more pages like this one. Look forward to similar layouts and let me know how I am doing! Enjoy!

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Donna said...

Where do you do these at? They are awesome.